About Us

Hi Friend, My name is Rashmitha Naik the founder of fithealthiswealth.com.

I am an Engineer by profession but a blogger by passion living in Mumbai city.

I have graduated from Vishwaniketan’s IMEET college [Mumbai University]. In my family there are 6 members, I have two sisters and I am the eldest one helping my family and friends in every way I can. I believe in giving shots because we may never know which shot would be our best shot, always believe in yourself.

For those who are curious about my birthplace then i am coming from Karnataka (Udupi).

Currently working with an organization in Pune. I want to be a change in our society by being a helping hand for many women and needy people and street dogs.

I have started fithealthiswealth.com to share my health and fitness learnings and experience to help other people to make their busy life healthy by following some tactics. All of my content is free for everyone. That means that you don’t have to pay any penny to read my posts.

Fit Health is Wealth is a platform where I will be sharing my experiences and the way to deal with all health problems even in our busy schedule. Here I will be publishing content related to all fitness, healthy habits, advantages, disadvantages, healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables along with detailed properties. If have any concern then you can always contact me on my mail id mentioned below.

However, I will be publishing content all related to health and diet, its pros and cons, benefits/advantages or disadvantages, perfect way to live healthy in our busy schedule and much more valuable content which will bring change in our life. I will also be promoting some health-related products/services that I am using or have used. Some of them haven’t been used but investigated very well.

So yes, there will be some affiliate links on my blog. If you click those links and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission with no extra cost to you. I don’t take anything (like free products, services, cash, etc..) for mentioning them on my blog.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me at rashmithanaik18@gmail.com

You can also follow me on Instagram to keep yourself motivated at rashmi_quotes18

Have a wonderful day ahead,

Rashmitha Naik.

Love yourself extreme and have self confidence no matter how hard it is.