Benefits of Wood Apple (BAEL) and Side effects of BAEL


Hey guys here are the Benefits of Wood Apple along with Side effects that we should know before consuming and if you have not consumed this magical fruit yet, kindly start to eat and add in your daily diet. Wood apple is also known as Bael in Hindi and most Asian countries.

Its nutrient-dense composition and is a good source of energy. It is nutrient-dense and high in fibre, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, protein, iron, and beta-carotene. For these reasons, wood apple, also known as bael fruit, is a must-have fruit.

In the Northern region of India, the fruit is known as bael and is useful against sunstroke and other health conditions related with the summer season. According to the botanical research, every component of the wood apple plant is beneficial to the human body. The fruit is considered sacred by Hindus and is abundant in fibre, vitamins, and all other nutrients that the human body need.

Benefits of Wood Apple

Cures respiratory problems

Wood apple has expectorant characteristics and is used to treat conditions such as sore throat, asthma, and bronchitis and hence useful to cure respiratory related problems.

Aids digestion and keep stomach heath good

Wood apple is high in fibre and vitamin C. In the summer, drinking a glass of wood apple juice every day not only assists digestion but also protects the body from sunstroke and keeps your stomach feel fresh and cures indigestion.

Good for Kidney / prevents kidney stone

Wood apple is high in thiamine and riboflavin, two substances that help the body detoxify. Consuming it in the form of juice on a daily basis maintains the stomach healthy and reduces all types of renal disorders and helps your kidney to purify and filter out all toxins and kidney stone related issues.

Aids liver issues

It has a high thiamine and riboflavin content and is also a good source of beta-carotene. These compounds are thought to be beneficial in treating liver problems and improves liver health and maintains its life shell.

Effective and treats snake bites.

Using wood apple pulp on the diseased part of the body is considered helpful by Ayurveda. It is also said that all components of this mystical fruit are beneficial in treating snakebites. In ancient days people affected with snake bites were mostly cured with the Ayurveda medicines and wood apple is among one of those component in curing many illness.

Effective against malaria

According to sources, the pulp of wood apple fruit is an effective aesthetic component and has been shown to be an efficient natural malaria therapy.

Prevent diabetes

Wood apple has a lot of ‘Feronia gum,’ a natural substance that helps maintain the balanced flow of sugar in the circulation, keeping diabetes under control. Its taste is very good and when sprinkled little rock salt on wood apple it’s far too tasty.

Energy rich

Are you concerned about energy loss in the summer due to the blazing sun? Don’t worry, some wood apple pulp and jaggery will enough. According to health experts, the combination is good against weariness and energy loss.

Effective against ulcer & piles

Tannin and phenolic chemicals are found in wood apple. These chemicals have considerable anti-oxidant capabilities and are hence beneficial in the treatment of ulcers and piles.

Prevents constipation

Wood apple is well-known for its laxative qualities due to its high fibre content. Constipation may be treated naturally by eating wood apple in the summer, coupled with salt and pepper.

Helps to aid high blood pressure

If you are not a lover of wood apples but want to get the advantages of the fruit, boil a few leaves of the plant and drink it. This mystical water helps to lower blood pressure.

Scurvy prevention

The fruit’s high vitamin C concentration helps to prevent the onset of scurvy (bleeding gums). Furthermore, the fruit boosts immune system strength and protects the body from many viral illnesses.

Remember to eat only fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits that we get directly from mother earth. 

However, in order to avoid the fruit’s negative effects, it is always best to consume it in moderation. Nothing in excessive amounts is healthy for our health.


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Here we have discussed the Benefits of Wood Apple , diet, properties, advantages and disadvantages. One should follow and eat wood apple to stay fit and healthy. Remember to eat more vegetables and homemade foods and eat fewer junk foods.

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Is wood apple good for health?

Drinking wood apple juice provides a number of digestive and gastrointestinal advantages. It aids in the treatment of digestive issues such as dysentery and diarrhoea. It is also used to treat constipation and reduce pain. It also has laxative effects

Can we eat wood apple Daily?

Can We Eat Wood Apples Every Day? Yes, wood apple may be consumed on a daily basis. Wood apple is high in thiamine and riboflavin, which help to cleanse the body. Consuming wood apple juice helps to maintain excellent gut health and eliminates renal issues.

When should we eat wood apple?

Wood apple has a lot of fibre and vitamin C. Drinking a glass of wood apple juice every day in the summer not only assists digestion but also protects the body from sunstroke.

Is wood apple good for weight loss?

This fruit, sometimes known as wood apple, is a summer delicacy that is best consumed in the form of juice. The best aspect about this therapeutic plant, however, is that its fruit produces an excellent weight loss drink. Yes, you read that correctly.

Can I drink wood apple juice in empty stomach?

Because the fruit is inherently sweet, it supplies the required nourishment to a post-workout body. If you require a filling drink that also satisfies your sweet craving, one glass per day is an option. However, do not eat bael juice on an empty stomach.

Can we eat seeds of wood apple?

There are tasty, crunchy white seeds and the odd fibrous thread inside the meat. Wood apples have an unique sweet, tart, and acidic flavour that is similar to tamarind, eggnog, raisins, and hard cheeses.

How does wood apple taste like?

Wood apple pulp has a sour, pungent flavour that pairs well with a touch of sweetness in sweets or with toasty spices in savoury meals. Locals in Sri Lanka produce wood apple juice by straining the pulp and adding sugar and coconut milk.

Does wood apple cause constipation?

Bael (wood apple) fruit pulp is a good Ayurvedic cure for constipation. Consuming a half cup of bael fruit pulp and a teaspoon of jaggery before supper every day may also help reduce constipation. You may also make bael sherbet with tamarind water and jaggery.

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