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Kiwi 15 Benefits and Side Effects


Kiwi protects against DNA damage and strengthens the immune system. Let’s look at how this fruit can help you lose weight and enhance your digestive health. Usually develops in the shape of an oval. It has brown-colored skin that is fibrous and covered with light fuzz. Despite its fuzzy exterior, the skin is edible and acidic.

The flesh is brilliant green with a distinct but appealing texture and rows of distinct little black seeds that can also be eaten. They have a flavor that is sweet, tangy, and powerful. Are high in Vitamin C and fibre, and they provide a number of health advantages. This tangy fruit can help with heart health, digestion, and immunity. Is a nutritious fruit that is high in vitamins and antioxidants.

Benefits of Kiwi

Benefits of Kiwi

Improves immunity:

Includes a high concentration of Vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. In fact, provides around 230 percent of the daily required dose of Vitamin C. Every mouthful of this bright fruit contains a surge of immune-boosting nutrients. Antioxidants are abundant. Antioxidants aid in the elimination of free radicals within the body and the reduction of oxidative stress. This in turn, may protect the body from inflammation and illness.

Good for Pregnant women and diabetics

Helps to detox water to flush out toxins and aid in illness prevention. Kiwi is a particular fruit that is excellent for diabetics and protects against macular degeneration by creating an alkaline balance, also prevents constipation, reduces the production of kidney stones, works as a sleep inducer, removes free radicals, aids in blood pressure regulation, and is good to pregnant women.

Promotes Bone health

The fruit is abundant in Vitamin K and calcium, both of which are necessary for bone health. They also aid in the prevention of bone damage and the treatment of osteoporosis.

Fight Cancer

High in Vitamin C, which helps us by scavenging free radicals, which harm our cells and can lead to skin cancer. It also helps to avoid colon cancer. The flesh of this fruit includes soluble fibre, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon, hence lowering the risk of colon cancer.

Improves Heart rate

Has blood pressure-lowering effects, helps lower the risk of stroke and heart disease by helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure and offering a boost of Vitamin C. In addition, has a high quantity of dietary fibre. Fiber can help lessen the risk of heart disease by reducing LDL, or bad cholesterol. A high cholesterol level can cause atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries within the heart.

Helps to promote weight loss

Has a low glycemic index and a high fibre content, which means it will prevent the body from responding by accumulating fat. Low in calories, high in fiber, and contains protein digestive enzymes, and vitamin C, which means it can effectively promote weight loss. Eating 1 or 2 fruit is a great idea if you want to improve your cardiovascular and digestive health. Is a citrus fruit that is high in vitamin C and is thought to be a good belly fat burner with great nutrition. The edible acid found in the fruit burns fat more quickly than any other alternative diet. It also aids in the retention of fluids.

Improves Digestive Health

Is abundant in dietary fibre in both its rough shell and meat. Fiber can aid in the relief of constipation as well as a range of other gastrointestinal disorders and pain. Eating kiwi fruit can help in better digestion, new research says. According to research, the green kiwi fruit has enzyme actinidin, which is not present in any other fruit.

Prevents Asthma

The high Vitamin C content has been related to a decrease in wheezing symptoms in certain asthma sufferers. Although study results are mixed, there is some evidence that eating vitamin C-rich citrus fruits, including kiwi, once or twice per week might improve lung function in people with asthma.

Supports Eye health and prevents Macular degeneration

When combined with other vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables, the high amounts of antioxidant vitamins and carotenoids may help to prevent eye illness and support general ocular health. The fruit has a high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are natural compounds found in human eyes. As a result, it offers protection against eye diseases. Also includes Vitamin A, which is good for your eyes.

A cup of Kiwi fruit contains

90 calories
1 gramme protein
1 gramme of fat
Carbohydrates (21 g):
5 g of fibre
15 gramme sugar

Side Effects of Kiwi

Benefits and Side Effects of Kiwi

You may feel below symptoms if your body is allergic to kiwi:

  • Skin disorder such as dermatitis
  • After eating, you may get itchiness or pain on your tongue, lips, or mouth.
  • Skin rash that is visible.
  • Breathing difficulties or other asthma symptoms.
  • Throat, lip, or mouth swelling.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea and abdominal discomfort.

benefits of kiwi fruit in hindi

Remember to eat only fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits that we get directly from mother earth. 

However, in order to avoid the fruit’s negative effects, it is always best to consume it in moderation. Nothing in excessive amounts is healthy for our health.


Here we have discussed the Kiwi Benefits and Side Effects , diet, properties, advantages and disadvantages. One should follow and eat even in their busy schedule to stay fit and healthy. Remember to eat more vegetables and homemade foods and eat fewer junk foods.


What happens if you eat kiwi everyday?

Eating this fruit is unquestionably a good habit to develop in your daily life. A diet rich in antioxidants would help to prevent the emergence of some malignancies and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Certain types of cancer have been linked to DNA oxidation, according to several scientific investigations.

How many Kiwis should I eat a day?

Because of the health advantages, everyone should consume at least one kiwi fruit every day. One serving of fruit contains 117 percent of the recommended dose of vitamin C and 21 percent of the daily value of dietary fibre as it has double the vitamin C concentration than any other citric fruit.

Is Kiwi good for skin?

Is high in vitamin E, which helps to brighten and liven up dull skin. It also contains enough antioxidants to help prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. It also stimulates the skin and accelerates the production of new skin cells.

Are Kiwis the healthiest fruit?

When compared to 27 other fruits, the fruit has the highest nutritious content. It has twice the quantity of Vitamin C compared to any other fruits or citrous fruit

Is eating kiwi good for hair growth?

Yes, the vitamins in kiwi nourish your scalp and improve blood circulation, so successfully preventing baldness. Zinc promotes hair growth while also aiding in tissue healing. It keeps the oil glands healthy and feeds the developing hair follicles.

Is kiwi good for lips?

Yes, Kiwifruit helps soothes painful, dry lips while also making them smooth, supple, and hydrated. It both protects and softens the lips. It is rich and oily, but not waxy, and is ideal for avoiding chapped, dry, and cracked lips.

Can I eat 2 kiwis a day?

Yes, unless you feel discomfort. As per 2012 study only one kiwi a day is sufficient to eat enough to reach healthy vitamin C levels. The consumption of two fruits each day resulted in vitamin C saturation, or the greatest vitamin C levels possible.

Can I eat kiwi at night?

Yes, Kiwis may be one of the healthiest foods to consume before bed, according to studies on their ability to improve sleep quality.

Can diabetes eat kiwi?

Yes, but in the limited amount. One kiwi also has 42 calories and 10 grammes of carbs, making it an excellent complement to your diabetes-friendly diet

Can we drink milk after eating kiwi?

No, drinking milk shortly after eating fruits with high vitamin C content is not recommended, especially for persons with weakened intestines and stomachs, since it is possible to induce diarrhoea.

Is kiwi good for weight loss? / Does kiwi burn belly fat?

Kiwi is low in calories, high in fiber, and contains protein digestive enzymes, and vitamin C, which means it can effectively promote weight loss. Helps to improve your cardiovascular and digestive health as it is a citrus fruit that is high in vitamin C It is a nutritious and flavorful fruit that many people like. The edible acid found in the fruit burns fat more quickly than any other alternative diet, also aids in the retention of fluids.

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