Benefits of Ice apple

10 Benefits of Ice apple

Here are the top 10 Benefits of Ice apple and side effects that you would be amaze to know. South Asia and Southeast Asia are home to the Borassus flabellifer, sometimes referred to as the doub palm, palmyra palm, tala or tal palm, toddy palm, wine palm, or ice apple. It is said to have been naturalised in Socotra and some areas of China.

Scientific name: Borassus flabellifer

Family: Arecaceae

Order: Arecales

Kingdom: Plantae

Benefits of Ice apple

Benefits of Ice apple

Fights fatigue

The body’s fluid and electrolyte balance is preserved by the minerals sodium and potassium in Ice Apple. This feature of Ice Apple efficiently keeps people from being fatigued and dehydrated throughout the heat.

Prevents Inflammation

Ice apples’ anti-inflammatory characteristics may be the cause of their health advantages for the skin. Boils, prickly heat, and rashes are examples of skin inflammatory issues that an ice apple may help with. It’s possible that ice apples are cooling. Applying a thin coating of jelly to the affected region may help to calm sensitive skin. You can include ice apple in the face pack. It could lessen the itching brought on by prickly heat.

The palm fruit has a cooling effect that makes it a great treatment for heat boils. It may be used to quickly treat boils and rashes by making a poultice out of it.
By maintaining consistent levels of minerals and water, eating Ice Apple helps with heat-related problems. This fruit has a calming effect on the skin, which helps to reduce the incidence of prickly heat pimples.

Prevents diabetes

Ice apples have the potential to be used in diabetes treatment because they are a strong source of vitamins and minerals. According to studies, consuming dry ice apples may help reduce serum glucose levels.

However, more study is required to demonstrate the benefit of ice apples in treating diabetes-related problems in humans as these studies are insufficient. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor before using ice apples to treat diabetes.

Improves Digestion

The benefits of frozen apples may suggest a treatment for disorders including digestive issues and other health issues.
The digestion may be helped by using ice apples as an aperient to ease constipation.

Treats worm infection & related issues

The usage of ice apples for treating nausea and vomiting may be appropriate. The ice apple’s anthelmintic qualities could be useful in treating a worm infestation. It can be used as a cough syrup or expectorant, which could aid in clearing mucus from the throat when you cough.

Keeps body hydrated

Eating ice apples could assist the body stay hydrated during the scorching summers. It might also aid in refilling the body’s nutritional supply.

Reduces women’s white discharge

The body is significantly cooled by ice apples. This aids in lowering excessive female white discharge. Patients with anaemia are advised to eat ice apples. The advantages of ice apples may aid with body fatigue and painful urination. Ice apple may be also beneficial for dealing with malnutrition in children and adults

Advantages of ice apples for diabetics

Diabetes sufferers can indulge in Ice Apples guilt-free. The palm fruit contains a variety of nutrients that maintain a robust and healthy immune system.

An good fruit for managing diabetes, ice apples are rich in vitamins A, C, and B7. Over time, these can strengthen the immune system without significantly increasing calorie intake. It keeps a person satisfied for a long period, preventing blood sugar rises.

Advantages of Ice Apple for skin

It is hardly surprising that Ice Apples have skin-friendly properties. With the ingestion of Ice Apples, common summer skin problems like rashes and prickly heat may be avoided. To cure itching and chill and soothe the skin, apply the flesh of an Ice Apple to the troubled regions. The potent nutrients in Ice Apple work as an anti-aging agent. Thus, it helps to lessen typical summertime skin issues and heat-related rashes.

Avoids rashes

The palm fruit’s cooling properties are a miraculous cure for heat rash. Ice Apple is incredibly calming when applied to the skin and lessens the itching associated with heat rash.

Prevents Chickenpox

The succulent Ice Apples are a fantastic treatment for easing chicken pox-related skin discomfort. They also speed up the recovery from chicken pox.

Prevents heat strokes

When Ice Apples are on hand to provide assistance, treating heat strokes and sun strokes becomes simple. Ice apples are a treatment for heat strokes or sunstrokes, which may cause consequences including brain damage or organ swelling and are treated because they are high in water and electrolytes.

Health advantages of Ice Apple

Aside from their capacity to relieve your thirst, ice apples are renowned for their countless advantages.

Calorie-free fruit

The fact that such a wonderful fruit has little calories and can be had without feeling guilty about gaining weight is a comfort. They are also rich in fibre, phytonutrients, calcium, carbs, vitamins A, B7, C, and K, as well as iron and phytonutrients. These are all advantageous to a person’s health.

A natural cure for intestinal problems

Ice Apples look everywhere they can. They are advantageous since they can treat intestinal issues as well. They support the treatment of digestive problems such heartburn, acid reflux, and ulcers. Their extra benefit is that they help with energy retention and alleviate digestive problems during pregnancy.

Anti aging properties

In addition to having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, phytonutrients assist Ice Apple fight off free radicals, which helps to delay the onset of ageing.

Reduces body weight

Water has been poured into Ice Apple. The fruit’s water helps to keep us satisfied, preventing binge eating unhealthy items. Additionally, they are low in calories, which makes them excellent for weight loss. Having a high dietary fibre content.

Advantages of ice apple for hair

Due to the heat’s drying effects on the hair, hair loss is frequently seen throughout the summer. It’s challenging to deal with hair loss amid the current heat wave. For this, Ice Apples are our only hope.

The palm fruit prevents dryness and dullness in the hair. It strengthens the hair and functions as a natural conditioner. Ice Apple is a simple solution for heat-related problems such split ends, early hair ageing, sun damage, and premature baldness.

Nutritional Value

NutrientMeasure (Daily Value)
Carbohydrates10 gm
Fat0 gm
Sodium0 mg
Dietary fibre10 gm
Protein0 gm
Potassium0 mg
Cholesterol0 mg
Vitamin A
Vitamin C5%

Side effects

For pregnant and nursing women, there is inadequate evidence to recommend the usage of ice apples. Therefore, it is essential to seek medical advice before using ice apple as a herb.
Older people and children should receive it with special caution because of their weakened immune systems and potential for adverse health effects.
It is cautioned against using any herb for self-medication, especially without seeing a doctor.

However, in order to avoid the fruit’s negative effects, it is always best to consume it in moderation. Nothing in excessive amounts is healthy for our health

Remember to eat only fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits that we get directly from mother earth.


Here we have discussed the top 10 Benefits of Ice apple and side effects , diet, properties, advantages, and disadvantages. One should follow and eat an fruits even in their busy schedule to stay fit and healthy. If want to explore recipes you may also visit recipe page. Remember to eat more vegetables and homemade foods and eat fewer junk foods


Is ice apple good for health?

The health benefits of ice apples are tremendous, and they work wonders for stomachaches and gastrointestinal issues. It encourages bowel motions and relieves constipation. Additionally, ice apples can assist with nausea and several common pregnant problems, such as acid reflux and stomach ulcers

What does ice apple taste like?

Ice apples have a texture that is quite similar to litchi fruit and a flavour that is similar to soft, slightly-sweet coconut. It gives the body the ideal balance of sugars and minerals during the summer.

What is called ice apple?

A less well-known tropical fruit of the palmyra palm tree is the ce apple. It is easily accessible throughout the sweltering summer months. It is a member of the Arecaceae family and is referred to by the scientific name Borassus flabellifer. When ripe, ice apple fruit is spherical and appears deep brown to black.

What is ice apple called in India?

Few people use the name “ice apple,” which is thought to have been given to the fruit by the British because of its cooling characteristics. It is indigenous to India and other Southeast Asian countries; in Tamil Nadu, it is known as nungu; in West Bengal, taal; in Maharashtra, tadgola; and in other regions of India, munjaal

Is ice apple hard to digest?

If you frequently have stomach aches including constipation, bloating, and nausea, you should try ice apple because it is a potent natural medicine to treat these digestive problems.

Can we drink water after eating ice apple?

No, To guarantee a quick and easy digestion process, your stomach must keep its pH level within a certain range. The stomach typically has an acidic pH between 1.5 and 3.5. After eating fruits, drinking water might lower this pH, resulting in indigestion and stomach aches.

Is ice apple good for weight loss?

If you want to lose a few pounds, ice apples may be helpful. The fruit’s water keeps you feeling full and prevents you from eating extraneous amounts of food. Additionally, they have extremely little calories, which makes them excellent for weight loss.

Is ice apple and coconut the same?

No, Its juice has a remarkable cooling impact on the body and is a superb combination of Sugar & Minerals, which aids in cooling our body throughout the summer. Ice apples have a texture similar to litchi and taste like sweet, delicate coconut. In several Indian states, it goes by different names.

Can babies eat ice apple?

Yes, Ice apples are a tasty and beneficial snack that can enhance a baby’s general health. Being high in fibre, they are beneficial for treating digestive problems and constipation.

Which foods should not be eaten together?

Proteins and starches shouldn’t be combined. Do not combine acidic foods with starches. Do not combine various protein sources. Milk and other dairy products should only be consumed on an empty stomach.

Can we eat Nungu on an empty stomach? 

Nungu or Ice Apple can, of course, be taken on an empty stomach since it helps with digestion and relieves constipation.

Can a diabetic eat Ice Apple?

Yes! Ice Apples are a low-calorie fruit with essential nutrients in them that boosts immunity, making them diabetic-friendly.

Can feeding mother eat Ice Apple? 

It is absolutely fine for a feeding mother to have Ice Apple. It causes no harm to the baby as well

Can we eat Ice Apple daily?

Ice Apple or Palm fruit is suitable for daily consumption. Since they are only available during the summer, they make the perfect summer fruit.

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